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Purchasing Japanese products and Selling to Japan

Hi, Global sellers to Japan! Welcome to Export & Import agency.
This services will assist your business and facilitate its growth in Japan!

Check our services if you…

  • want to buy Japanese products.
  • are looking for business partners in Japan.
  • don’t speak Japanese.
  • want to import your products in Japan.

We support the sale of Japanese products to international customers and assist in importing products to Japan.

Whether you are a business or an individual customer, we can help you with purchasing Japanese products.
Our services extend to customers worldwide who are interested in buying high-quality Japanese goods.

From electronics to fashion, cosmetics to home goods, we can assist you in procuring a wide range of products from Japan. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in purchasing Japanese products.

Additionally, we provide support for importing products to Japan.
If you have products that you would like to introduce to the Japanese market, we can assist you in navigating the import process.
Our team has expertise in customs clearance, logistics, and local regulations, ensuring a smooth and efficient importation of your goods.


Free estimate

Membership registration is not required. We have created an environment where customers can freely consult with us, and we provide free quotations.

Small shipments

We can handle the import and export of various products from overseas, catering to both individuals and businesses. We also provide full support for hazardous goods and small-scale projects that other companies may not handle.

Special Network

We also specialize in handling used items. Through our extensive network, we can deliver pre-owned items such as games, cameras, and anime merchandise that may be hard to find in your country.


Importing to Japan

Importing your products

We will assist in the sales of your products in the Japanese market.
We will become your import partner and conduct market research and investigate regulations in Japan to support your entry into the Japanese market.

Purchase Japanese products

Purchase of Japanese Products

We will support your purchase of Japanese products.
Even for products that are hard to find with other companies, we will use our unique network to search for them.
We also have logistics partners, so we can deliver directly to your location.

Japanese used products

Sale of Used Goods

We handle used products related to games, anime, and cameras. If you have specific requests, we can also source products that meet your requirements.
Our online shop is also open, so please check it out!


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